What is naturopathy?


Accessing the healing power of nature

Naturopaths use a variety of natural remedies to help heal from and prevent illness. They also provide lifestyle and dietary advice to assist with this process. These are tried and tested methods based on traditional knowledge as well as scientific evidence.

In your treatment protocol, you may be prescribed herbs, nutritional supplements, flower essences or tissue salts. Naturopathy can work along side conventional medicine or as a stand alone practice to treat a variety of conditions.


Addressing the cause

Some medicines, including natural ones, are great for treating symptoms. This is important for our well being and ability to function normally. However, by treating the cause you are managing the long term consequences of illness and in the end, saving a lot pain, discomfort and money.


Gentle methods

Herbs and other remedies used by naturopaths are generally low-risk. However, it is essential that a qualified practitioner guide the treatment through proper prescribing and clear instructions. Getting advice from health food store assistants or websites can be costly and pose serious risk. Always consult a trained professional.


Practioner as teacher

During a consultation, expect to get lots of information and guidance about your condition, your treatment and any other aspects that are critical to your healing journey.


Holistic approach

I like to view good health as being supported by several pillars. These pillars include a healthy mind, an adequte diet, sufficient physical activity, a supportive community and a non-toxic environment. For some people there may be others such as spirituality and connection to nature. 

For health to be good and stable all these pillars need to strong. 



Lifestyle habits are key to preventing illness, but in many ways our modern lives pose many challenges to leading a health life. A naturopathic protocol will always suggest ways to minimise illness.