Meet Roxana

Roxana’s passion to help others heal stem from her personal journey navigating emotional trauma and its associated health complications. Her preference for complementary therapies began in childhood with experimentations with herbs and diet. 

She trained as a naturopath at Nature Care College and completed a diploma of remedial massage at Randwick TAFE. Her main area of interest is in mental health, and she has experience treating a range of other areas including weight management, digestive issues, sleep disturbances and female reproductive system issues. 

Her modalities include Western herbalism, nutrition, flower essences, tissue salts and massage therapy. She also uses iridology as part of her naturopathic assessment.

As a massage therapist, she has helped clients manage a range of musculoskeletal conditions. Relaxation massage techniques also form part of her mental health treatment protocols. 

Roxana is also a busy mum. In her spare time she likes to research medicinal plants and write about them. She also enjoys daily walks, exercise, bush walks, road trips and live music. 

Currently, Roxana is undertaking an honours degree in complementary therapy at the University of Tasmania, which focuses on the use of evidence-based complementary medicines.

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