NEW – 15 min discory call (FREE)

Not sure what naturopathy can do for you and what is the treatment involves? Do you need to know more about the consultation process?

In a free 15 minute phone or online chat you can get answers to such questions and any others you may have.

Initial naturopathy consultation, 90 minutes @ $200

The initial consultation is longer (90 minutes) to allow time for a comprehensive case assessment which looks in detail into your health history and current symptoms. The naturopath will also perform some physical assessments and may also refer for functional (pathology) testing.

The information gathered is used to create a personalised treatment plan that may include lifestyle and dietary recommendations with practical resources such as meal plans, shopping lists, recipes, educational material and guides. You may also be given an individualised herbal formula, made with high-quality herbal extracts, and practitioner-only supplements. Flower essences, tissue salts and other therapeutics may also be prescribed.

Naturopathy can treat a wide range of conditions and can work alongside conventional medicine. 

The fee includes a courtesy call or message one week into your treatment. Clients are also able to ask questions to clarify their protocols via messaging or phone, all free of charge.

Follow-up naturopathy consultation, 45-60  minutes @ $120-150

The first follow-up is normally done 2 to 4 weeks after the initial consultation. The aim is the evaluate the treatment plan and review the prescription or protocols.  We may also look at any functional (pathology) test results received and make necessary changes. Depending on the case, further follow-ups may be required.

Clients are able to ask questions to clarify their protocols via messaging or phone, all free of charge, throughout the whole treatment process.

Naturopthy initial + follow-up package @ $300

Book and pay for an initial and a 60 minute (long) follow-up consultation within a month to save $50. That’s 15% off.

Acute naturopathy consultation, 30  minutes @ $90

An acute consultation deals only with minor complaints that are, generally speaking, acute and not chronic in nature. This could be, for example, an occasional mild respiratory infection contracted by a generally healthy individual. Or, you may need help to boost tissue healing after a minor burn or wound.

Sometimes conditions that seem acute, are a sign of a more serious underlying health problem. If in doubt, contact us or seek medical help.

NEW – Mini naturopathy consultation, 20 minutes @ $50

A brief appointment designed to answer questions relating to acute conditions or new symptoms relating to an established condition. This may inclue for example, acute immune related concerns or acute anxiety states.

If you are undergoing COVID-19 treatment with a medical professional and/or undergoing naturopathic treatment for immunity issues, you can use the mini-consults to obtain further guidance to support your health naturally.

In the 20 minutes, I will do a quick note taking and safety check, you can then walk away with a prescription and recommendations.

Bach flower essences consultation, 30  minutes @ $90

Bach flower essences are gentle and effective remedies that assist with managing emotional states and the emotional aspects of physical complaints. They are safe enough to give to children, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, the elderly and even animals. 

In this consultation, we discuss your personal case and you will be given an individualised flower essences remedy, which consists of one or up to 7 different flower essences.

The cost of the consultation includes the consultation and one 25mL bottle of flower essences.

The fee also includes a courtesy call or message one week into your treatment. Clients are also able to ask questions to clarify their treatment via messaging or phone, all free of charge.


Massage consultation, 60 minutes @ $100 or 90 minutes @ $150

To book get in touch through this site, or by email or phone.

Relaxation massage is a gentle and nurturing style of massage that can improve blood and lymphatic circulation, helping to heal injuries, reduce injury risk and assist detoxification. It is excellent for promoting better quality sleep, improving concentration and reducing stress. 

Remedial Massage provides a healing treatment that can be gentle or strong but is generally deeper and firmer than relaxation massage. It can help treat pain, injury, loss of function and muscle tension. Stretching and muscle energy techniques are also used.